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Proprietary Trading

Proprietary trading is the focus of Frontline’s business. The firm specializes in basket trading, sector trading, statistical arbitrage, quantitative strategies, and high frequency trading (HFT). Frontline operates on the premise that HFT is poised to grow exponentially in coming years, as it has in the US markets. Frontline’s infrastructure allows the firm to harmonize proprietary traders while also harvesting intellectual capital and developing advanced trading software.

Frontline believes that stagnation, in the investment world, is death. Thus, it is in the business of expanding trading ideas and not relying on outdated, underproductive strategies. Frontline employs the trading strategies that are most effective in the current marketplace. The firm optimizes each trader’s performance through its vast database of research and proof of concept models. Frontline has lowered trading costs substantially on a per trader basis by eschewing subscriptions to numerous industry research reports, both local and international; by securing access to new issues coming to market; by avoiding any restrictions on trading equities; by writing and coding directly into market data centers; and by maintaining access to trade numerous global markets around the clock.